Daniel Matthews.

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Daniel Matthews was one of the eight victims in the nerve gas house in Saw 2 and the primary protagonist in that movie. He is the 17 year old son of Eric Matthews who worked as a police officer. Daniel is first seen at the police station, in custody for shoplifting. Minutes later he got into a huge disagreement with his father when he mentioned that he wanted to go back to his mother. He disappears shortly after the fight but was shown on the television screens in Jigsaw's warehouse along with 7 other victims including Amanda Young who was Jigsaw's only known survivor at that time and Obi Tate who was rescued by David Tapp in Saw the video game.(non-canon with the film). Upon seeing his son in Jigsaws clutches, Eric becomes enraged. Jigsaw then informs Eric that if they just talk for a little while then Eric would see his son again unharmed. Daniel ends up seeing Gus get murdered by a gun that was behind the sealed door. Thereafter, Amanda informs the group that they are part of a game, and that there are deadly consequences for forgetting the rules. A few minutes go by when the door to the room opens on it's own.

With hesitation the group stumbles upon a basement. They descend down and Obi is called forward by a note that has his name on it. He is given instructions via tape recording about his task, and proceeds into the furnace.

When Obi was dying in the Furnace trap, Daniel informs Xavier and Jonas that there was another window behind the furnace but they were too late to rescue Obi.

When Xavier faces his needle pit trap he ignores it and throws Amanda in instead. Daniel then removes the needles Amanda had in her skin when the test was over.

When the remaining six victims talked about what they did in order to be in the gas house, Daniel tells them that he got in trouble with the law a few times but was not technically a juvenile delinquent. When the victims find the X on a picture frame, they find out about Daniel's father and causing all of them to find out the real reason why they were in the gas house.

Daniel then watches over Laura Hunter who was already succumbing to the nerve gas.    The 7 victims with the exception of Daniel were framed by Eric Matthews for felony crimes. Addison, Amanda, Jonas, Laura, and Xavier all leave Daniel but Laura dies shortly after that. 

Amanda then finds out that Xavier was after the victims living and dead in order to find out their numbers that would unlock a safe to an antidote so she goes back to Daniel again leaving Jonas murdered by Xavier and Addison foolishly placing her hands in a box that immobilized her. Amanda and Daniel then run away from Xavier.

Eric then has enough with Jigsaw and forces him to show the way to the nerve gas house not knowing that the events at the nerve gas house happened a few hours earlier that day. Daniel and Amanda find themselves in the same bathroom that Lawrence Gordon and Adam Stanheight were in at the first Saw movie seeing Lawrence's cut off foot and Adam and Zepp's decomposing bodies. Daniel then collapses shortly after that and when Xavier comes into the bathroom Amanda lies to Xavier that Daniel had died from the nerve gas and informs Xavier that he would never know his own number. After Xavier cuts out the number tattoo from the back of his neck he then attempts to kill Amanda but Daniel having faked his collapse kicks Xavier in the shin and uses a hacksaw to kill Xavier in self defense by cutting his throat.

After that Daniel gets the antidote from the safe as a reward from Amanda for saving her life and falls unconscious shortly. He is then taken to Jigsaw and was placed in a safe as an incentive for Eric Matthew's test meaning that Daniel was at the warhouse the whole time starting with Jigsaw's arrest. When the 2 hours on the clock were up the safe opens revealing Daniel hyperventilating in an oxygen mask. He is now the only survivor in the nerve gas house in Saw 2.  He was only seen briefly in Saw 5 in the flashback when Mark Hoffman and Jigsaw were working on the nerve gas house trap.  Daniel may have been named after one of Eric Matthews's closest friends who was Officer Rigg.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Daniel was a high school student with curly hair wearing blue jeans with a chain in one of the pockets and wearing t- shirt saying Way of the gods. Daniel has curly brown hair and was the only teenager besides Brett Abbot to be placed in a Saw game. Daniel had got into trouble by the police many time but the reason on why he did that was to expose his father's actions involving framing people. In the gas house, Daniel is shown taking care of Laura hunter after she succumbs to the nerve gas and Amanda Young when she falls in the needle pit that was intended for Xavier. He gets shocked from Gus getting shot in the head, revealing this as the first murder Daniel ever saw.

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