Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter in Saw II.

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Laura Hunter was one of the eight nerve gas house victims in Saw 2. She was a 24 year old woman who was in the gas house because she was framed by Eric Matthews for shoplifting and assault. When Laura woke up in the gas house, she knew that she was being kidnapped and that it was no joke. When she heard from the audiotape that there was nerve gas seeping into the house, she became very nervous and afraid. She did not even dare warn Xavier Chavez and Gus Colyard about the first trap because she was just too afraid to tell. When Gus was killed by gun behind the door, her coat soon became covered in his blood and she began to scream and wail. When the seven remaining victims went into the basement and played Obi's audiotape, they became confused on what kidnapping the others meant. Laura knew that it meant Obi was responsible for kidnapping them since Obi was the last person she saw before she woke up at the house. She has a flashback involving her going into her car after work and Obi popping out of the back seat to cover Laura's mouth with a handkerchief filled with chloroform. Laura then became infuriated with Obi when he told the victims that he did not know the way out and Laura shattered a glass bottle she found and threatened to kill Obi with it. Addison Corday tries to calm them down and told her that the victims were just wasting time. Obi then went into the furnace to retrieve his antidote and the one that was supposed to be Laura's but he dies from the flames and fails to get both antidotes out of the furnace with Laura screaming again and started to cover her ears and keep saying make it stop . Laura soon becomes very sick from the nerve gas and Daniel watches over her. When the victims find the X on a picture frame, Laura realizes the true reason on why she was there. She abandons Daniel and five minutes later, she succumbs to the nerve gas and sufferes a siezure. She dies in Amanda Young's arms. She appears in Saw 5 in a flashback when Mark Hoffman and John (Jigsaw) Kramer were preparing the Nerve gas house trap.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Laura has blonde hair and wears a white jaceket and a blue shirt underneath it. When Gus got shot in the head by the Magnum Eye hole trap, Laura's vest and shirt become splattered with blood. She was the most sensitive of the nerve gas victims and she was very afraid. She became very desperate to get out of the house alive and kept begging to get out.

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