"Hello, Xavier. I want to play a game. The game I want to play is very similar to the one that you've been playing as a drug dealer. A game of offering hope to the desperate for a price. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate so I offer you hope. The price you pay is that you must crawl into the same pit of squalor you force your customers into. By entering this room, a timer has been started. When the timer expires the door in front of you will be locked forever. But not if you find the key before timer runs out. Can you unlock it and retrieve the antidote inside? I will give you just one hint as to where that key is. It will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Let the game begin"


Xavier Chavez was one of the eight nerve gas house victims in Saw 2 and the primary antagonist of the movie. He was a 40 year old sociopathic drug dealer who was in the Gas house because he was framed by Eric Matthews for a drug possesion charge. When he woke up in the house and heard the audiotape Amanda Young recieved, he saw a note along with a key. The note told him not to use the key on the door to the next room. He along with Gus Colyard ignored this warning because they beleived that it was all just a joke. Xavier turns the key, triggering the Magnum Eyehole trap and killing Gus who was looking at the door peephole, in which behind it was the gun. Xavier then knew that it was not a joke and grew very desperate to get out of the house. He finds a nail bat in the hallway and uses it on the exit door, which behind it was metal bars that blocked the exit. In the basement, Xavier and Jonas Singer find a corpse like manequinn that had a knife and an envelope belonging to Obi Tate. Xavier and the other victims then realize that Obi Tate was responsible for kidnapping them. Laura and Xavier then get extremely furious at Obi and threatened to kill him if with the knife and a broken glass bottle if he did not show them the way out. Addison stops them from doing it and tells them that Obi had to stay alive because his test involved two antidotes. Daniel Matthews then questions on who gets the second antidote but Xavier shuts him up. Obi goes in the furnace and gets the antidotes but the door closes and Xavier tries to open it but it was locked. Daniel then informes Xavier and Jonas that there was a window behind the furnace and Xavier breaks it open with the nail bat. Obi then dies in the furnace and after that Xavier and Addison tried to push through a door connected to a spring timer and when they got through it, they find an envelope meant for Xavier. Jigsaw's voice is then heard on the tape and informs Xavier that there was a game in the bedroom that Xavier had to pass in order to get his antidote. He had three minutes to go into a hole filled with dirty heroin needles, which has a key somewhere inside and if Xavier did not find it in time, the door would seal itself off meaning that Xavier would not get the antidote inside. Xavier chooses not to play that game and instead throws Amanda Young in the needle pit, causing Daniel to criticize Xavier's selfish action. Xavier then orders Amanda to find the key and Amanda tries her hardest to do so. When Amanda does find it, she gives it to Xavier but he fumbles with the key, causing the door to seal itself off. The victims were then frustrated about their losing streak and Daniel then pulls Amanda out of the needle pit and pulls out all the needles, which Xavier tries to stop. Xavier then finds the X on the picture frame and realizes the true reason on why he was in the gas house. He abandons Daniel and then shortly realizes that he could still get an antidote although he failed his test. He then started to hunt down the victims in order to find the numbers on the back of their necks that would lead to a safe combination. Xavier initiates a fight with Jonas and kills him with the nail bat blow to the back of Jonas's head. He then finds Addison who was immobilized in Gus's hand box trap and then leaves her to die. Daniel and Amanda then find Jonas's corpse and uses the nail bat to barricade the door. Amanda and Daniel then run away from Xavier until they reach the bathroom from the first Saw movie. Daniel collapses upon entering and Xavier finds them in the bathroom. Amanda lies to Xavier that Daniel died from the nerve gas and then informs him that he would never know his own number. Xavier then uses the knife to cut off the piece of flesh from his neck that contained the number. Xavier then moves in to kill Amanda, but Daniel having faked his death, kicks Xavier in the shin and uses a hacksaw to slice open his throat. Xavier then dies becuase of this and Amanda then rewards Daniel for saving her life by giving him the antidote from the safe. Xavier's corpse is then seen again in Saw 3 and in Saw 5, Malick confesses to Brit that a dealer gave him an ounce of heroin in exchange to burn down an abandoned building with arson not knowing that there were eight people inside that building. That dealer Malick was mentioning could have been Xavier Chavez himself.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Xavier was a drug dealer who was very arrogant and self centered. He was focused more on himself more than the other victims. He was very afraid of death itself and grew very desperate to get an antidote and get out of the house. His behavior in the gas house may have been induced by the nerve gas itself. Xavier wore a white shirt and whit pants, which were later stained with blood when the game progressed

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